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A new mini-documentary has been assembled to tell the story of Germs drummer Don Bolles, soap company Dr.Bronner and their brush with the law. The soap company continues to aggressively target NarcoPouch(R) 928 which erroneously found narcotics in a batch of the company's natural soaps. According to their tests, the test will always give a false-positive for the drug GHB (Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate) if used on any true natural soap. However, in an interesting twist, the test will test negative for fake mislabeled "liquid soap" products that are actually detergent-based, not soap.

Detergents in fake soap products are usually made in part or even entirely from petroleum along with vegetable feedstocks. The company found a larger problem in that drug tests used nationwide are not certified in any way, leading their to be major risks of false positives, some of which may not have the benefit of Mr.Bolles profile.