Jonathan "Jonny Z" Zanin of Tigershark (1980-2007)
by In Memoriam

Jonathan "Jonny Z" Zanin, drummer for the Richmond, VA band Tigershark, passed away in the early morning this past Monday.

Jonny was found under the Boulevard Bridge, and his bike above on the pedestrian walkway. Foul play has been ruled out by police, but the actual cause of death is still under investigation.

Aside from being an accomplished musician, Jonny also contributed a great deal of time to many social causes; including fundraising for Food Not Bombs.

Our deepest condolences go out to his friends and family.

Chris: On a personal note, I met Jon a few times, and am still in disbelief over this. A friend notified me today and it actually took a few minutes to settle in. Jon was the type of person that any city or scene needs; always smiling, giving of himself, and just an overall nice and positive guy. He will be missed by many.