What was to be Kill Your Idols' final show this past Sunday night in Smithtown, NY, was shut down prior to the band's set.

As Crime in Stereo prepared to play the second-to-last set of the night, several Suffolk County police cars began showing up to the Smithtown Lodge. The band stood by for approximately 10 minutes waiting for confirmation that they could begin their set, and then began to play "I, Stateside." The song was then cut short at about the 1:11 mark, with the audible line of "these troubled states" ringing out from an a cappella crowd singing along.

The police as well as a Suffolk County fire marshall informed those in charge of the show that the venue was over its legal capacity, which was actually 49 due to the lodge's lack of sprinklers and fire alarms according to the marshall.

Bands that did make it through their set included Splitting Headache and Capital, the latter of which sparked the crowd with back-to-back Burn and Dag Nasty covers, a wealth of material off 2006's Signal Corps and a song off the forthcoming Revelation debut, Homefront, to boot.

According to a MySpace bulletin from On the Might of Princes, Kill Your Idols played later that night in the parking lot of a rehearsal space.

UPDATE: KYI bassist Paul Delaney wrote us with an update on what happened that night.

we did in fact play last night.

our show got shut down by the suffolk county police and the town fire marshal. the room was 140 capacity, and there had to be like 4 or 500 people in there.

so, we were all bummed, everyone was.. and word just started going around, "hey, can we move the show?" which at first i was like, "ok.. good luck with that".. but someone provided a jamspace 20 min away and said, we can make it work somehow.

so, i got there thinking we'd be able to at least play to like 30 of our good friends, and take it easy, cause its a jamspace with sheet rock walls.. and we show up.. theres like 200 kids there, and a backline AND p.a. was set up in the parking lot in back, next to a dumpster.

everyone got there, and we played for like 200 ish people. 7 songs. and a cop showed up, but there were no problems, we got to do some black flag type shit and make the best out of it. it was pretty fucking awesome, there were tons of video cameras, so im sure something will be on youtube. sucks, crime in stereo didnt get to play, shit just got SO hectic. but we really made the best thing happen for us and our friends, and it was the best way to go out. seeing the smiles and tears.. it was just great, so thats the heads up on what happened last night if you guys care at all.