Nakatomi Plaza - "The Ghost Intrigue" (live in Richmond, VA)

I've never been a fan of indie rock. Then again, with lines blurring more and more every day, defining a genre is next to impossible. Brooklyn's Nakatomi Plaza are one of the best examples of this idea. The band plays a mix of punk and indie rock that any fan of Fugazi to Fifth Hour Hero would be down with.

The band recently released their debut LP, Unsettled via Red Leader Records, which speaking of, can be streamed in its entirety over the Nakatomi Plaza Punknews profile. However, this week's clip comes from a recent performance here in Richmond of a brand new song to be featured on an upcoming compilation. You can check out the recorded version over at the band's MySpace page.

Nakatomi Plaza - "The Ghost Intrigue" from Chris Moran on Vimeo