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The first batch of confirmed bands has been announced for Engineer's tribute to 90s-era punk/post-punk act Seaweed. The Tacoma, Washington-based band started out releasing material on their own Leopard Gecko imprint in 1989, before moving onto a vinyl single with K Records, signing to Sub Pop a few years later for their career building albums "Despised," "Weak," and "Four." Then Hollywood Records picked the band up in 1993 and released their largest album to date, 1995's "Spanaway," their bombastic major label offering. Lasting only 1 album on Hollywood, the band and label unhitched and Seaweed then moved back to the indies. Merge Records issued their final release in 1999, "Actions and Indications" turned into their swan song and the band split later the same year. Seaweed's decade of existence came to an end.

A diverse range of bands has been confirmed for the disc including Thursday, Killwhitneydead, This Is Hell, Capital, I Am the Avalanche, Stephen Brodsky, Kover, and others.

  • This Is Hell (Trustkill/Deathwish) [New York]
  • Kover (Engineer) [Canada]
  • Capital (Revelation) [New York]
  • Favez (Stickman/Doghouse) [Switzerland]
  • Stephen Brodsky (HydraHead) [Massachusetts]
  • Killwhitneydead (Tribunal Recs) [North Carolina]
  • The Fire Still Burns (Engineer/Koi/Blackout) [New Jersey]
  • Look What I Did (Combat/Koch) [Tennessee]
  • *Thursday/We're All Broken collaboration(*bandname t.b.a.) [New Jersey]
  • The Story Changes (Future Destination) [Ohio]
  • Worlds Between Us (Engineer) [Austria]
  • *Ex-Boysetsfire - (*bandname t.b.a) [Pennsylvania]
  • Elemae (Engineer/Embrace) [New Jersey]
  • Four Star Alarm (Thick Records) [Chicago]
  • I Am the Avalanche (Drive Thru) [New York]
  • Kane Hodder [Washington]
  • Joshua (Doghouse/Immigrant Sun/Engineer) [New York]