Engineer Records

Engineer Records

Engineer Records is a truly independent alternative record label, striving to be positive and friendly to everyone we deal with in a punk-rock manner. Engineer has been releasing both well known and unheard of bands, equally, in an underground and ethical manner since 1999. Everyone involved in the label both current and in the past, have been part of the indie, underground, punk and harcore scenes for years, envisioning the label to a broad alternative rock style - but not with just the one type of music. The Engineer philosophy is simple; "If the music is great and we like the band, then let's try to release it properly and get it heard like it deserves."

The record label exists to help promote great bands that move us in a unique and differnt way, and also to help out others who share in our vision. Some bands are, until now, unheard of and should be far better known. Some bands are staples of your record collection already! We're fortunate enough to work with bands of all sizes, and humble ourselves by this everyday. Our bands are from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, etc... Anywhere in the world, so long as they rock! Our bands always rock, our releases are always top quality and all the people at the label are knowledgeable and friendly.

Engineer is run by indie/hardcore kids for indie/hardcore kids. We are based in two locations: Kent, England in the South East corner, as well as on the east coast USA, in New Jersey...but we promote our releases all over the world! An ever growing label with a hardworking punk-rock ethic.

Please contact us if you can help in any way and check out the bands on this site and their great music! Remember that all Engineer releases and loads more hardcore, indie rock and emo releases and t-shirts are on sale in both the USA Engineer Records Mailorder and UK Engineer Records Distro!

(biography courtesy of Engineer)