by Equal Vision

Buffalo, New York's Damiera has reunited after briefly splitting up in April. The band has replaced the departed members and announced the additions of guitarist Steve Downs and drummer Josh Sparks, formerly of the Iowa-based band Spirit of the Stairway, and Jayson Dezuzio, a long time professional producer whose resume includes work with Coheed and Cambria, My Chemical Romance, and more.

The band had this to say:

The departing members were "seeking satisfaction elsewhere [and] they wanted to take another road for now… without having to be committed to a group setting."

I love music, and I will continue to let go of every excess (money, home, health, etc) in order to find my end in it. I have been extremely fortunate this far, but I'd rather end with nothing and satisfied than end with everything and not use it.

They released their EVR debut, M(US)ic, earlier this year. The album was originally issued in a limited supply in 2006 through The Built on Strength Recording Company.

The band plans to resume touring in August.