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Boston's Octave Museum played their final show this past Friday. The band was a side project of Cave In's Stephen Brodsky with a pedigree that included bands like Clouds, thee Electric Bastards, Scissorfight, New Idea Society and Hydronaut. The group made a statement via their MySpace page:

Well…to make a long story short, Kevin punched Johnny who is mad at Steve for kissing his sister who told Steve that Kevin said he was going to punch out Steve for stealing some show money even though Kevin punched Johnny but only because Johnny called Kevin a sell-out and smashed his drums but Johnny only did that because Steve told him and Kevin that if anyone smashed his guitar he would kiss thier sister and since Johnny was the only one with a sister Kevin and Steve dropped his bass cab into the Mystic River but it was actually Steve's bass cab that Johnny was borrowing so Kevin gave Steve a purple nurple after punching Johnny while Johnny gave Steve a turbo noogie and literally punched a hole through Steve's skull and now Steve only speaks ancient chinese because of Johnny's thumb was in his brain and Kevin doesn't like anyone who doesn't speak the queen's english so now he and Steve aren't talking which is ok because no one can understand what the hell Steve is saying these days anyway. We're sorry we couldn't work it all out. Sometimes friends punch holes in eachother brains.

We would like to say thanks to all of you who supported our hopes and creativity by buying our album and enjoying it. Also thanks to all of you who borrowed the CD to put it into your ipod thinking, "well, if it comes out on vinyl I'll actually pay for that," because…you know…you TOTALLY were going to pick it up, but you were just broke that week and, you know…like, whatever, you know?

The band released one record, the self-titled Stephen Brodsky's Octave Museum, in 2006 via HydraHead. As previously announced the Octave Museum's Steven and Johnny recently formed a new act dubbed Pet Genius.