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Chicago music master Tim Kinsella has taken leave of Make Believe, his newest project with brother Nate. In leaving, Kinsella left this note for fans:

The new record is written and it sounds great to me, I have been very excited about the songs and have put a lot of work into getting my contributions for them together.

However, Kinsella will not be sitting still. First on his plate is his directorial debut at the Chicago Underground Film Festival. Kinsella's Orchard Vale will make it's debut on August 15th at the Chopin Theatre and "tells the story of one family's struggle in the collapsed and anarchic American suburbs of the near future". The movie was shot on DVCam for under $10,000 and features photographer Chris Strong as the directory of photography and was editing by documentary filmmaker Amy Cargill of Normal Pictures.

The singer is also working on new albums for his Joan Of Arc project. Make Believe's final show with Tim will be July 1st at Chicago's Metro with Tortoise.