Winnipeg's G7 Welcoming Committee is making good on their transition to a purely digital label with new signings and four new releases due this summer. Over the next hour we'll take a look at each new band on the roster, first up is The Rebel Spell.

The G7l has pointed out that while they're often considered a punk label, the East Vancouver based band marks their first "punk" signing in some time:

It has been a very, very, very long time since a punk band has reached through the speakers and made me believe something was going on beyond the requisite and obvious elements that make one stop and listen to a "good" punk band. Something is going on here. It's not something you can try to put your finger on without sounding like an ass, but I'm not being glib when I say that I feel something unusual and important will come of this seemingly conventional street-punk band.

The label will digitally release the Rebel Spell's 2005 full length Days of Rage and a new EP titled Four Songs About Freedom on August 28th. You can check out MP3s of "They Know" from the new EP and "December 8th, 1980" from the full length. Artwork and track listings for both releases can be found at the G7.