Winnipeg's G7 Welcoming Committee is making good on their transition to a purely digital label with new signings and four new releases due this summer. We're taking a look at each new band on the roster, so let's talk Jamaica Plain.

Jamaica Plain is the brainchild Chris Pastor, named for his hometown of Jamaica Plain, MA. The synth pop band is described by the label as "Pet Shop Boys meets a guy completely at the end of his rope." The act carries an endorsement from none other than Howard Zinn, whom the label's press quotes with stating the band is "a fine example of combining intelligent social criticism with graceful musical style."

On August 28th the label will release King of Hearts, a 10 track compilation of the past releases Letters to the Leader and Blue in the Face. You can check out the song "King Of Hearts" now and find the full artwork and track listing at the G7.