Winnipeg's G7 Welcoming Committee is making good on their transition to a purely digital label with new signings and four new releases due this summer. We're taking a look at each new band on the roster, rounding out the trio with Head Hits Concrete.

Head Hits Concrete arose from the ashes of Swallowing Shit. The Winnipeg band was together for five years before splitting in 2004. The G7 has collected the group's entire recorded output on one digital record called Thy Kingdom Come Undone (+9)". The label describes the band as similar to Gasp, Stretchheads and Dillinger Escape Plan's Calculating Infinity era. With the band apart, members are currently playing in Kursk, Putrescence, Big Trouble In Little China, Human Garbage and Archagathus.

You can download the track "Apparatus" now and check the label for art and the track listing.