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New Rise Against guitarist Zach Blair recently spoke to The Punk Site about the band's plans for its recently announced new full length. He laid out the band's schedule for recording:

After this [tour] we go come home two weeks and then we go back out for a month in the States and then we're home for about a month. Then we do the Taste of Chaos International with the Used and Aiden and the Gallows and that's going to take us back to Europe, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Asia and then we start writing and recording the record. So that's going to take us till about November but then after that we get back into the studio. We're writing for a few months and then we're recording and hopefully it'll be out by the summer.

The former Gwar member also confirmed that his new gig has forced him to leave Only Crime, to be replaced by Modern Life is War's Matt Hoffman.

A lot of people think I'm still in Only Crime, I just have no time; like Rise Against is so busy. They've already replaced me. They've got a guy named Matt from Modern Life is War. He fits in the band really, really well. They were out here with us and they did great. And that's not easy music, those aren't just bar chord songs, it's some hard shit. So it takes a guy - I'm not bragging, fuck, I fucked it up - but playing with Bill Stevenson is an intimating thing so my hat's off to the guy.

Rise Against released The Sufferer & the Witness last year.