by Sony Music

With their plans to record their major label debut in a transparent bubble and aired on TV creating furious debate, Cartel has done an interview with Billboard dicussing their feelings on the event.

According to frontman Will Pugh:

I think what we did was, we made the best decision we could, and should have made at the time, and it turned out fine, It wasn't a failure by any means, but I think knowing what we know now, there would have been things we would have done differently or requested were different.

I think they tried to make us have all of this drama and all of these things that we're just not, We told them we're not a drama band. They wanted to turn it into 'Real World' rather than 'Jackass.' We told them 'Jackass' is way more popular and funnier than the 'Real World' could ever be. I think if we'd known that from the beginning, we'd told them to go fuck themselves pretty quick.

The record is titled Cartel and is due out August 21, 2007. It is the follow-up to Chroma which was released in 2005.