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The Dropkick Murphys have posted a preview of their upcoming full length The Meanest Of Times. You can hear "(F)lannigan's Ball" via or the Boston band's MySpace page. The version of the song being previewed is sung by Al Barr and Ken Casey, however on the record itself it will feature guest vocalists Ronnie Drew from the Dubliners and Spider Stacy from the Pogues. The band commented:

On July, 2nd, 2007 we flew to Dublin to record the song (F)Lannigan's Ball with our good friend Spider Stacy from the Pogues and the legend himself, Mr. Ronnie Drew from the Dubliners. We just wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge Ronnie for being such a kind and humble man, that even in the face of his own serious medical issues and the recent death of his wife he was thoughtful enough to come down to the studio and spend the day teaching us a thing or two about how it's really done! Oh, and Spider your alright yourself.

The lyrics can be found at the band's website as well.

The Meanest of Times and is due out September 18, 2007 via the band's new Warner associated imprint Born & Bred Records. It follows up 2005's The Warrior's Code.