Contributed by inagreendase, Posted by Deathwish Inc.

Merrimack Valley, MA-based hardcore band Shipwreck has announced that they have changed their name to Shipwreck A.D. The band explained:

Somewhere out there another band has already trademarked the name SHIPWRECK. That means we can't use that name for future releases. Therefore, we had to alter the name for administrative purposes so we don't get in any legal problems.

If you see the other Shipwreck, don't give them any shit for their name. This was all discovered on a casual level and handled peacefully and calmly. That band could fuck us over huge if they wanted, and they didn't. Therefore, we owe them a bit of gratitude for their easy going-ness with this situation. So, before you go hating on them becausethey have our name and are some shoe gaze band, remember that they are alright guys at the end of the day.

The band released a 7-inch on Deathwish this year.