Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Sanctuary

A new update from primary songwriter Kris Roe regarding the future of the The Ataris. Kris had this to say about the status of the band and what to expect from their new material:

We are actually writing at the moment. It is sometimes hard to find inspiration in the same things that may have inspired you when you were alot younger.. or put yourself in the same place where you were then. But musically I will always have a love in my heart for those bands that inspired me to start writing songs…. Jawbreaker, Samiam, The Replacements, Descendents… I very much enjoy the energy of playing music along those lines.

Even though artistically I may have changed personally. I do think The Ataris next record will sort of pick up where End is Forever and Blue Skies, Broken Hearts - Next 12 Exits… left off. After making a record such as "Welcome the Night" A record which I feel was very bold and honest artistically, and very much coming from the most truthful places in my heart and all that I was going through at the time.

I feel that today where I am at is sort of coming around full circle and just having fun again and being newly inspired by the art that made me discover music in the first place. So yeah, I am excited for recording again. I think you will dig the songs.

the band's most recent album was 2007's Welcome the Night.