All Time Low
by Hopeless Music

All Time Low have launched a full album stream of their new full length. The record is titled So Wrong, It's Right and is due out September 25, 2007. It is the follow–up to Put Up or Shut Up which was released in 2006.

You can check out the album on their myspace page.

In related news, following our story about the Maryland high school student suspended for posting a promo photo featuring Hopeless Records act All Time Low, the band has posted a statement about the alledgedly "pornographic" image:

Personally, I'm a little upset that anyone would find that picture to be 'offensive.' We tried our very hardest to look as sexy as possible and I think that maybe the administrative figures responsible for suspending the student were just jealous of our dashing, young physiques. I don't see any harm in carrying that particular picture around in a school environment. In fact, I've been speculating that studies may prove that the picture actually stimulates brain activity, and promotes greater levels of success in the classroom. But that's just one theory…