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Our friends at Pastepunk recently had a conversation with Paint It Black about their upcoming full length and follow up to Paradise.

The band has reportedly finished recording and are currently in the "post production and little odds and ends and stuff phase of the process. The band addresses the choice of renowned underground hip hop producer, Oktopus, noting:

[Dälek] sounds like fuckin' bulldozer insanity. I've always loved the way their records sound and the mood…everything is really dense. I kind of feel that hardcore…I love hardcore, we all do, but I kind of feel it's always in danger of getting stale. You always have to challenge the form a little bit, in order to keep yourself interesting.

Dan also describes the influence of Nirvana:

Nirvana was one of the fucking punkest bands ever, I thought. In terms of what they did with mainstream music, I think they did what Black Flag did to music in like the early 80s. That's one band that I think we all love. I mean you wouldn't ever listen to any of the songs and think, "Oh, this sounds like Nirvana." There are definitely certain problems in structure that got solved…like WWND, "What Would Nirvana Do?"

Finally, Dan throws out one of his famous one–liners, with a note to readers:

I don't think you can make good hardcore if you only listen to hardcore. In a week on some dude is going to be like, "Fuck this asshole!"

The interview is lengthy and detailed and worth a look. Check it out here.