by Equal Vision

Equal Vision has revealed details about their upcoming debut from The Color Fred. The group is a side project from former Breaking Pangaea and current Taking Back Sunday guitarist Fred Mascherino.

Mascherino's previous band released their Phoenix EP through Equal Vision in May of 2003. Fred chose to work with producer Lou Giordano (Sunny Day Real Estate, The Lemonheads) to record Bend To Break, the band's debut for the label, which is set for release October 30, 2007.

  1. Get Out
  2. If I Surrender
  3. Hate To See You Go
  4. It Isn't Me
  5. Complaintor
  6. The Tragedy
  7. I Didn't See
  8. Empty House
  9. Minnesota
  10. I'll Never Know
  11. Don't Pretend