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Say Anything, HelloGoodbye, Sherwood and Go Audio will be headed to the UK late next month for a tour together that will wrap up in the second week of December.

November 27, 2007Cardiff, UKUni Great Hall
November 28, 2007Exeter, UKLemon Grove
November 29, 2007Portsmouth, UKPyramids Centre
November 30, 2007Cambridge, UKCorn Exchange
December 2, 2007Sheffield, UKLeadmill
December 3, 2007Newcastle, UKAcademy
December 4, 2007Glasgow, Scotland
December 5, 2007Leeds, UKCockpit
December 7, 2007Brixton, UKAcademy
December 8, 2007Folkstone, UKLees Cliff Hall
December 9, 2007Norwich, UKUEA
December 10, 2007Birmingham, UKAcademy
December 11, 2007Manchester, UKAcademy