CBGB to reopen as a high-end fashion boutique
Contributed by SydBarrett420, Posted by CBGB

You know what they say, every classic punk rock venue eventually turns into a high–end fashion boutique. Well, they don't say that, but maybe they should because the legendary CBGB has apparently be repurposed as just that.

According to Yahoo, Designer John Varvatos is tentatively opening the new store in March. He once described his line's philosophy:

Our philosophy is about reaching back to move forward. We have something different to say with a sensibility that is both old and new. There's a vintageness and a modern edge to our clothes. We feel that the uniform is dead. Men are taking a more individualistic and personal approach to dressing. They are mixing dressy with casual, resulting in an eclectic look that suits their personality.

Varvatos is not entirely a stranger to the music scene CBGB spawned however, having used people like Iggy Pop (left) in campaigns.

CBGB closed a year ago this week after numerous problems with renting arrangements.