Vancouver's The Rebel Spell have announced that they'll still be on the road this month despite Leftover Crack's cancellation. The band commented:

so obviously the LoC wont be at these shows, we might still be in town those dates for a show… some of the listings for shows are incorrect(ones that say LoC) because im to lazy to edit them, fuck myspace. fuck borders. sherbrooke went on and it was awsome, ottawa is listed, toronto show is listed, kingston is on…more to be announced and we will be adding some more shows as we know so keep checking or believe what you hear.

The New York squat punks were denied entry to Canada this past week. The original tour dates can be found here, check the band's MySpace page for updates.

G7 Welcoming Committee Records digitally released the Rebel Spell's 2005 full length Days of Rage and a new EP titled Four Songs About Freedom this past August.