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Engineer have sent us a few updates for the end of the year. First off, SpeakYourHeart are heading into the studio this weekend and starting the recording work on their next This is how we communicate. Then they'll be heading back to the UK to show off their new songs. They'll be recording at The Mighty Atom studios in rural Wales where Funeral For A Friend.

HSD will also be the studio in Austria recording a new album in December. So are Sketch.

My So Called Life will be touring throughout the UK all through December before going into the studio early next year as well. They'll also be releasing a "reworking" of Revenge Against the Black Hearted Fairies on a split vinyl with New Jersey's Red Light Green Light.

Ryan Mills of Kover is also over in Europe on tour very soon and anyone wanting to book him should contact Dami at No Reason Booking.

The three–way split between Elemae, Memorial and Soon is finished. The release will feature a new "concept video" from Elemae as well as a video track from Soon.

And finally there will be new releases from Madeleine (Germany), Junior Achiever (Canada) and Piledriver (Phillipines) in the pipeline too.

The label is looking for artistic help for most of these releases, so if you're so inclined drop them a line.