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"Botch announced their break-up tonight at the redmond firehouse. they're playing the dillinger show and one more and then calling it quits."

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i know they're not everyone's favorite band but i'm bummed they're breaking up. those guys got me into hardcore when i was 14 years old and i'll miss them. also, john pettibone made a public apology for tackling those kids at the himsa show a few months ago. he talked about how he was sorry he had snapped, violence was not good, and that we're all responsible for our own actions. all of this was applauded by the crowd. then he ended with, "i still don't think i was wrong." the crowd started booing. the blood brothers, pretty girls make graves, and the love punch were all really decent tonight too. g'night, doc

Dont worry for all you botch fans they all have side projects that now will have there full attention. Bands like Himsa and minus the bear i know there is more i just cant rember the damn names at this point. If you can make it for there last shows in seattle try to its well worth it.