by Island

Fall Out Boy have scored quite a coup for their next (non–musical) project. The band has signed legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles, one–half of the team that made the Rolling Stones' seminal Gimme Shelter tour documentary.

Pete Wentz put it in perspective:

Albert came along and was like, 'I'm really interested in doing something with your band,' and we did the thing like when you're in high school and the hot girl talks to you, and you sort of look behind you and go, 'Who, us?' I mean, he did 'Gimme Shelter,' and it's amazing, and seriously, this guy could document pretty much anything, and he wanted to do something with us. That's what blew our minds more than anything.

The plan is to have Maysles document the next year of FOB's life, which should include writing and recording a new album. The hope is for the film to be submitted to festivals and released as a proper DVD, not a bonus in the upcoming album package.