Ryan's Hope has announced plans to start work on a new full length and their follow up to 2006's Punknews Records released Apocalypse in Increments. The band will again join forces with Dan Precision (ex–88 Fingers Louie, Rise Against, Break The Silence) at the Bombshelter Studio to record. The band announced:

…before we can even think of recording, we're going to be writing non–stop and saving money in the coming months to fund the album's production ourselves. We have no idea when we hope to record or how we're going to release it, (definitely this year) but updates will be frequent as we continue preparing new music together. We have 3 or 4 new songs already, but are still adjusting them and will continue broadening our catalogue in the coming months.

This album is going to be made for our own satisfaction. We are excited to get in a creative mindset again and refresh ryan's hope as a band. The emphasis of our band has always been enjoying each others company and making the best music we can together. Nothing more. We still have a lot to say, and look forward to sharing our next effort with everyone.

This also marks the band's departure from Punknews Records, the label run by a trio of current and former editors. I'll go ahead and quote myself here, which I can assure you is a strange thing to do:

When we launched PNR we had a very romanticized picture of the traditional indie label, but we unfortunately started down that road just before the industry plunged into its current state of uncertainty. When it came time to discuss the follow up to Apocalypse it became clear that the old way of doing things wasn't going to cut it anymore. It would have been neither prudent nor progressive for either us or the band. We're thrilled that Terry, Nick and Greg are taking their future into their own hands and wish them all the best in striking out on their own. We're immensely proud of Apocalypse In Increments, remain huge fans of Ryan's Hope, and look forward to an exciting period of renewal for both them and us.