Contributed by David5345, Posted by Mendota Recording Co.

Ben Weasel (of the legendary Screeching Weasel, of course) has announced plans to follow up his recent solo album These Ones Are Bitter. Ben commented:

I have a pretty small window of opportunity to record my next album, which is meant to be the second half of These Ones Are Bitter. But not all the tunes made the cut (some didn't fit and others just weren't good enough). So I have to come up with 6 more. Step 1: Go through years and years of old tapes of myself working on songs and putting ideas down to see if I might come up with some good songs that slipped through the cracks or, more likely, a good verse or bridge here or there.

So a week ago Monday I got up bright and early and moved my amp, tuner, guitar, boombox, cassette recorder and four track down to the basement (I work better underground). My, I was efficient! Then other work started nagging at me. There was domestic stuff – laundry and grocery shopping being the most pressing. Annoying business stuff. E–mail. Etc. A blizzard and a head cold later and I'm sitting down for only the second time. There are 33 tapes to go through and I've made my way through a grand total of one.

No more! Shirtsleeves are rolled up! Elbow grease has been applied! I will get through the tapes. I will assemble songs from parts old and new! (Step 2 will be to write new songs, sling 'em all at my producer and let him pick and choose)."