Contributed by dusticles, Posted by Braid

Following a scare recently reported on Punknews, former Braid and Hey Mercedes and current The City On Film frontman Bob Nanna recently was cleared of lymphoma for the time being. This quote was taken from Bob's blog:

Strange times a–brewin. Turns out my pet scan revealed zero evidence of reoccurring lymphoma. Ditto for my orbital CT scan. This news, while somewhat a relief, does nothing to explain the pink fleshy mass hanging out in my left eye. (does the phrase "pink fleshy mass" make you as uncomfortable as it does me?) Hence, the recommended treatment = nothing. We play the waiting game. I go back in a month and we see how it all looks. And there you have it!

All of us here at the 'Org are relieved and wish nothing but a swift and vigilant full recovery for Mr. Nanna.