by Engineer

The bands for the next volume in Engineer Records' three–way split series has been announced. The third edition will feature three new tracks apiece from Elemae and Memorial, as well as two new tracks and one from a previous European full–length by Belgium's Soon. It'll be a joint release between Engineer and the non–Ian Mackaye affiliated Embrace Records. The album is due out within the next few months, following up last year's edition with Saboteur, the Mockingbird Nightmare and Red Light Green Light.

In other label news, Saboteur are on the upcoming Chemical–X DVD, Apple of Discord have begun work on their new release Nothing Is Possible, Red Light Green Light will soon enter the studio, the Sketch have finished recording their The Best Kid in Town EP, and Engineer will soon co–release a split 7" with Koi from My So Called Life and Ryan Mills.

  1. Elemae - Pulse
  2. Elemae - Hospitals & Mazes
  3. Elemae - Fiction Mouth
  4. Memorial - Who Are We to Say?
  5. Memorial - If It Helps
  6. Memorial - Munich
  7. Soon - There Go the Boys
  8. Soon - Inverse Ratio
  9. Soon - Serenade the City