Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by G7 Welcoming Committee

G7 Welcoming Committee has shut down. The label made the announcement on April 1st, leading some to speculate about whether it was a joke, but some of the label collective has confirmed the shutdown to The label issued the following statement:

Instead of pretending that we're actually still interested in the practice of accepting submissions and hunting for, then filtering and sorting, then negotiating and paying for, then promoting and distributing and accounting for music … instead of pretending that we like and are happy doing all THAT … we are doing the opposite. And opposite, is opposite.

All G7 releases will remain available in their current high–quality digital form into the foreseeable future.

The label was originally formed by members of Propagandhi and friends and released material by Propagandhi, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, Greg MacPherson, The Weakerthans, GFK and others.