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One of last year's most infamous Internet sensations, the "Don't tase me, bro!" arrest of an excitable college student, has inspired Mick Jones of Carbon/Silicon and The Clash.

Jones has written a song with that name for the band's second album and follow up to 2007's The Last Post. He explained:

"It's gonna go like this, dun–dun–dun … Aaaargh!

University of Florida student Andrew Meyer was swarmed by campus police when he attempted to ask Kerry a question and dragged him to the back of the venue. Despite his pleas to "Don't tase me, bro," an officer did just that with a stun gun.

Mick found the police response horrible, saying:

It was disgusting.

Jones said the Carbon/Silicon album would be called Yeah, Other tunes will include "The Dirge," "A Fresh Start" and "What's Up, Doc?"