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The Clash was one of the most successful British punk rock groups that existed from 1976 to 1986. They incorporated punk, reggae, rockabilly, and eventually many other music styles into their repertoire, and displayed a political and lyrical sophistication that distinguished them from most of their colleagues in the punk genre. They were also legendary for uncommonly intense stage performances.

From their earliest days as a band, The Clash stood apart from their peers with their musicianship, as well as their lyrics; the passionate, righteous political idealism in the lyrics by frontmen Joe Strummer and Mick Jones was a definite contrast to the nihilism of the Sex Pistols and the simplicity of The Ramones.

The Clash has influenced pop punk, alternative rock and Britpop bands, through both their musical style and their lyrical content. Their incorporation of many musical styles has also led them to influence reggae, ska, hip hop and electronic artists.
The Clash

Keith Levene (P.I.L., The Clash)