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Jason Navarro of The Suicide Machines recently discussed his new project, Hellmouth, as well as the split of the Suicide Machines. Of some note is his explanation:

[Originally] I wasn't really leaving the band I told Dan "Look, I miss my kids, I really need to get a Job with insurance." I talked to the label the label said they would be more than happy to put out our records until whenever we want to call it quits, regardless if we tour a ton or not. So I said I would take my vacation time and do weekends and once a year do a tour, that wasn't enough for Dan, so it turned into this huge blowout.

I can understand it, he wanted to tour all the time, I just didn't. It is just one guy wants one thing the other wants another, our situations are both vastly different. A lot of those guys don't like him, but I also think we have grown up enough to just go "Whatever we are all different people"

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