Justin: I am pretty stoked about this. Iron Chic features fellow ex-Lattermen Phil Douglas and Brian Crozier on guitar, Lubrano (Small Arms Dealer) singing, John Mee (Agent) on bass and Gordan Lafler drumming. Long Island's own punkrock supergroup! "In One Ear" starts out the demo in a way that is instantly reminiscent of Phil's guitar work in Latterman and "Steel Wall Method," the third track sounds a lot like it could be a forgotten Avoid One Thing track, down to a impressive imitation of Joe Gittleman's vocals. Overall it sounds like the guitarists have cut out the more wandering and noodling parts from Latterman's assault while keeping the anthemic feel that brought that band a fair amount of success. I'm not sure I'm 100% into the weird electronic intros to "In One Ear" and "Timecop" but the rest of those songs rip. I won't lie and say that it feels almost a little too familiar at times, but it's hard to complain about hearing more music in this vein. "Sensitive Dependence" is a slow-burner that features more Gittleman-esque vocals, crooning about loneliness and chasing happiness in life. Good times for one and all.

You can hear it all for yourself if you cruise over to their website and grab their demo or drop them an email: ironchicsemail[at]gmail.com.

Jesse: You can't talk about modern music without giving due respect to the Melvins. These dudes have deconstructed everything and Lord knows their 2006 release, (A) Senile Animal, really tickled my fancy (although I'd probably move it up to the number one slot these days). Imagine my bleary, teary eyes when I found that they have a video up featuring two new songs! "Suicide in Progress" and "Billy Fish" will be coming out on their new album Nude With Boots coming out July 8 via Ipecac.

Melvins: "Suicide In Progress," "Billy Fish"