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Propagandhi has announced a show in Toronto in July in support of the Sea Shepherd Society, an organization "committed to the eradication of pirate whaling, poaching, shark finning, unlawful habitat destruction, and violations of established laws in the World's oceans." The band will perform at the show with Brutal Knights and Hostage Life.

The Winnipeg-based political punk act has also announced European tour dates this summer.

Propagandhi Tour Dates
07/27/08Toronto, ON, CanadaPhoenix TheatreWith Hostage Life and Brutal Knights
07/30/08Turku, FinlandKlubi(All ages? Yes)
07/31/08Helsinki, FinlandTavastia(All ages? Yes)
08/01/08Meldal, NorwayStoråsfestival(All ages? Yes)
08/02/08Lindesberg, SwedenAugustibuller Festival(All ages? Yes)
08/03/08Copenhagen, DenmarkThe Rockwith Venerea and Sista Sekunden (All ages? Yes)
08/05/08Temse, BelgiumJoc De Nartistwith Kafkas. (All ages? Yes)
08/06/08Trier, GermanyExhauswith Kafkas. (All ages? Yes)
08/07/08Bochum, GermanyMatrixwith Kafkas. (All ages? Yes)
08/08/08Schweinfurt, GermanyAlter Statt-Banhoffwith Kafkas. (All ages? Yes)
08/09/08Karlsruhe, GermanySubstagewith Kafkas. (All ages? Yes)