Though the band recent underwent a fairly ugly breakup, LaGrecia's new album certainly doesn't sound like it. The three piece which includes members of Kid Dynamite, None More Black and Red Sparowes delivers tight, punk-influenced rock on their only album, On Parallels.

We've got a full album stream of the record as well as a limited number of free downloads. You can stream the record on their Profile.

Suburban Home has given us a link that you can use to download the entire album for free. They note:

The album is in stores today, June 24th, 2008, but we wanted to do something special for some of you on the fence about picking up the album. Below is a link that will allow you to download entire album as DRM-free MP3s. You can put them on your IPod, burn a CD, and yes, you can share them with others. The one thing that I ask is that when sharing the mp3s with your friends, please let them know that if they enjoy the album that they should consider buying the album legally either directly from us, from a digital retailer, or from a mom and pop record store.

I realize that with the mass amounts of music out there, many people want to be able to sample the songs before purchasing them. We get that, but selling music is the livelihood of Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective and our artists so if they like what they hear, have them please consider purchasing a copy.

You can grab the album (while supplies last) here.

Update: The downloads are all gone now, but you can still check out the stream.