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The Ataris have posted an update as they begin demoing for their next full length at The Gallows Recording Studio. The studio is owned and operated by Chris and Bryan from The Widow Jenkins(ex Emery/Brazil), and is based in Muncie, IN. The band plans to begin the formal recording process later this summer and are aiming for an early 2009 release:

The songs are coming along awesome! Have about 10-15 new songs and hope to write a handful more before finally recording in the fall. Still working on a bit more lyrics, Have a lot written but just need to piece them all together now.

Music is just very melodic, raw, catchy, upbeat, sing along rock songs… Kinda like Minneapolis in a train wreck with early 90's Chapel Hill passed out drunk in the alley behind Gilman ST.

As previously reported, the band appears to be self-funding the endeavour and frontman Kris Roe recently completed an auction to help raise money.

The band also recently promised that the new album would see return to their Blue Skies, Broken Hearts - Next 12 Exits…/End is Forever-era sound. Last year, they released Welcome the Night.