Via an Anonymous Source, Posted by Bad Taste

Bad Taste Records has posted the cover art and track listing for Bridge, the new acoustic effort from Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape. . The record hits stores on September 29th of this year. Cape previously commented:

The strange part of all this is, now that it is done, I'm not sure how to feel. It is my first attempt at making a solo record, something I am totally unfamiliar with. I know this, I will never make a record this way again. From now on, no second guessing or obsessing. Ultimately, I am proud of this record. I made something I like and it's time to move on. I hope most of you will appreciate it. I have decided to call it "Bridge". I think the musical metaphor is appropriate because it is something new for me and it will lead me to another place as a songwriter, weather it be a better appreciation of my craft or the butt of another songwriter's joke. Either way, I'm on my way.

  1. The Ramones Are Dead
  2. Errands
  3. We're Not In Love Anymore
  4. Canoe
  5. B Side
  6. Memoirs and Landmines
  7. Non Sequitur
  8. No Little Pill
  9. Mission Unaccomplished
  10. Gun it, No Don't
  11. Who We've Become
  12. Home