California's American Steel have made a statement about the lineup change for their upcoming tour with Alkaline Trio. Guitarist Ryan Massey will not be on the tour, he explains:

For the past couple of years, I have been running Sharkbite Studios full time, which has easily been the raddest thing I have ever done to make a living. We are in the process of taking over a neighboring building to put in 30+ new rehearsal rooms here in Oakland, and I find myself starting construction as the band prepares to hit the road with the Trio. So, for the first time in all of these years, I will be staying home to tend to business, while the band hits the road.

Our very good friend and former roadie, Chip, will be taking over my geeter/vocal duties for the tour. Chip is an awesome dude, who has played in bands like Jedi Five and Love Me Destroyer. We met him on the first tour we ever did and have been fast friends ever since. It's been many moons since we did our mini-jaunt with the Trio, and I am bummed to miss the full tour, but I'll be back on the road with the band soon enough

Alkaline Trio is supporting their major label debut, Agony & Irony. American Steel is touring on their post-reformation album, Destroy Their Future.