As of yesterday, Damien Moyal officially has left As Friends Rust. Taken from the band's webpage:
"Yes it is true about 2 weeks ago Damien Moyal had to part ways with the Rust. I am pretty sure he is writing something for the web page and it will be posted ASAP. At this point all I can really say is there is a mutual understanding and his reasons for leaving are very understandable." Will the band stay together" you ask ? In true AFR fashion, I don't even think that question needs to be asked. With a complete understanding throughout the band and with Damien, We have all decided it was in the band's best interest to continue."
IN more AFR news, the band has announced plans to continually tour United States, Europe, Canada, Japan and other countries in the upcoming months. They also just finished recording an EP entitled "A Young Trophy Band in the Parlance of Our times" for Equal Vision Records, which should hit shelves in May. If you want to see AFR live and happen to live in GA, OH, or FL, check out some scattered fest dates under "read more."

03/15 Savannah, GA @ TBA w/ Loyal Frisby, more info asap
04/05 Columbus, OH @ Hell City Tattoo Fest 7:30-8:30p.m.
04/20 Miami, FL @ Gorefest 2 Info: