by Island

Sum 41 have posted an update on their plans for the remainder of the summer:

Hello everyone. Just wanted to update everyone on whats been going on with us. We finished our Underclass Hero Tour a few months ago and we have just been taking some time off and relaxing trying to get back into home life. Everyone is doing good. We want to thank all our fans for coming to the shows, buying Underclass Hero and supporting this band, you made the last 14 months a real good time for us. What are we doing now?

Well you can catch Steve on the Warped Tour from Aug. 6th-17th drumming for The Vandals, I (Cone) am going to start recording the next Operation MD album soon. You can go to for info. on that and Deryck, well since he writes the songs in Sum 41 he will be a busy guy for the next little while. We haven't planned when the next Sum 41 will come out but you guys will be the first know when stuff starts happening.

The band released Underclass Hero this year.