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Pittsburgh, PA's Anti-Flag frontman Justin Sane and bassist Chris No. 2 checked in with pickRset briefly to share their thoughts on the 'emo war' in Mexico, digital music, the US elections, and to address fans' concerns on Justin's recent move to England. Chris No. 2 also revealed that after their UK & Canadian tour stint, the band will "maybe write and record", then head down to Australia in December. Chris No. 2 had this to say about the music industry:

The future of the music industry isn't really a concern of mine. We were a band long before a music industry cared about us, we will be a band long after it does. Vinyl is the only place people are finding emotional attachment to their music, because it's a sit down and listen piece, you have to choose that piece, it's not at the touch of a click wheel on an iPod, or in your car. It's a real choice to devote time to that music.

The band released The Bright Lights of America earlier this year, and plan to hold a clothing drive at some upcoming UK shows. You can read the rest of the interview here.