by Equal Vision

Fear Before The March Of Flames have changed their name to Fear Before and announced their next full length. Guitarist Adam Fisher explains:

It gets so tiring repeating 'Fear Before The March Of Flames' over and over again to old lady gas station attendants in Nebraska. Mostly because in so many ways, we're a new band. The long version of the name was good for us in the beginning because it was interesting and stood out. It paralleled our mentality of playing the music we were writing because we told ourselves, 'If we can pull off having this name, we had better be able to pull off the music we were writing.' The new album is 10 strong songs, no fillers or tag-ons… and we want the band name to replicate that.

The record is titled Fear Before and is due out October 28, 2008. The album will feature guest vocals from members of The Fall Of Troy, Heavy Heavy Low Low and Portugal. The Man.

  1. Treeman
  2. I'm Fine Today
  3. Fear Before Doesn't Listen To People Who Don't Like Them
  4. Get Your Life Together
  5. Jabberwocky
  6. Everything's Not Shitty
  7. Tycho
  8. Bad Days
  9. Stay Weird
  10. Review Our Lives (Epic)