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California's Time Again has announced their plans to take a hiatus for a couple of years. The band had this to say:

as some of you already know, this is going to be our last US tour for a couple years. Elijah is getting ready to go on his two year mormon mission and we didn't feel that it was right to replace him, so we all agreed to wait for him to get back before we start playing again. we can't say thank you enough for all the support you've given us since the band started. tour isn't even over yet and we already can't wait to start touring again haha, but i don't want to make this sound too sad, because it's not even over, we're just taking a little break. we will be back soon and we hope you will all still be there with the same support when we do come back.

anyway, the rest of us are going to be starting a new band. we plan on recording early next year and touring soon after. there's plenty of information to come, so make sure to keep checking back to see what's going on.

The band released Darker Days earlier this year. They're currently on tour with Street Dogs in the US. In November both bands will head to Europe for a tour with Flogging Molly and Skindred.

Time Again
10 Oct 2008Club SoundW/Street DogsSalt Lake City, Utah
11 Oct 2008BoardwalkW/Street DogsSacramento, California
13 Oct 2008El CorazonW/Street DogsSeattle, Washington
14 Oct 2008Hawthorne TheatreW/Street DogsPortland, Oregon
16 Oct 2008SlimsW/Street DogsSan Francisco, California
17 Oct 2008House of BluesW/Street DogsAnaheim, California
18 Oct 2008House of BluesW/Street DogsLos Angeles, California
19 Oct 2008The ClubhouseW/Street DogsTempe, Arizona
2 Nov 2008AcademyW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredNew Castle, UK
3 Nov 2008BarrowlandsW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredGlasgow, UK
5 Nov 2008AstoriaW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredLondon, UK
6 Nov 2008AcademyW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredManchester, UK
7 Nov 2008AmbassadorW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredDublin, IE
8 Nov 2008AcademyW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredBirmingham, UK
9 Nov 2008AcademyW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredBristol, UK
11 Nov 2008013W/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredTilburg, NL
12 Nov 2008Gr FreheitW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredHamburg, DE
13 Nov 2008TragarnW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredGoteborg, SE
14 Nov 2008RockefellerW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredOslo, NO
15 Nov 2008ArenanW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredStockholm, SE
16 Nov 2008VegaW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredCopenhagen, DK
18 Nov 2008HuxleysW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredBerlin, DE
19 Nov 2008TurbinhalleW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredOberhausen, DE
20 Nov 2008SchachthofW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredWiesbaden, DE
21 Nov 2008TonhalleW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredMunich, DE
22 Nov 2008Z7W/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredBasel, CH
26 Nov 2008Rolling StoneW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredMilan, IT
27 Nov 2008EstragonW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredBologna, IT
29 Nov 2008Razzamatazz 2W/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredBarcelona, SP
30 Nov 2008RockstarW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredBilbao, SP
2 Dec 2008Elysee MontmartreW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredParis, FR
3 Dec 2008LimburghalW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredGenk, BE
4 Dec 2008MelkwegW/Flogging Molly, Street Dogs and SkindredAmsterdam, NL