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Long-running Swedish punk act Millencolin recently sat down with The Intricate Industries Podcast to shed some light on their view of downloading, their career and more:

I don't like the downloading thing at all, it's my music why should you get it for free. It's terrible, the technology got out of hand before people knew how to deal with it, so it's just sad. I Like records too, I like CD's, I like to buy music. I have thousand's of CD's and I love it but for alot of kids now they have an ipod or mp3 player with 5000 songs and I don't like that.

It takes the heart and the soul out of music in a way….When I started off the whole thing was so cool with punk rock. You couldn't find a Bad Religion album in the store you had to get it….It was worth so much more.

You can check out the podcast here.

The band is touring South America and Europe in support of their new album, Machine 15.