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Congratulations! You're the lucky reader of the 47th edition of the Vinyl File. This column aims to keep you informed of upcoming releases as well as spotlighting interesting releases, your favorite bands' own collections and labels with a history of vinyl releases worth talking about. As always, Vinyl File is brought to you by Ben Conoley.

Congratulations to Evan Hunder of Winnipeg, Manitoba. You're the lucky winner of all four colors of Heavy Hearted's 7" as well as a test-pressing.

The Vinyl Collective Cooperative label is ready to launch its first release. They are now taking pre-orders for The Falcon's debut EP, God Don’t Make No Trash Or Up Your Ass With Broken Glass. Clear red copies were mostly reserved for co-op members, but 667 were pressed on royal blue and can be purchased here.

Jade Tree has given Suburban Home/Vinyl Collective the go ahead to release three of Avail's classic albums on vinyl. Over The James, 4 AM Friday and Dixie are all being pressed on two colors each. All six variants as well as a package of all of them are available here.

Tom Gabel's upcoming solo album, Heart Burns can now be pre-ordered from No Idea Records. The seven-song album is available on its own or can be purchased with a 14x14" lithograph poster.

In other No Idea news, they have posted a number of albums ready to go or on pre-order, including a split between Bridge & Tunnel and Young Livers, a self-titled 7" from Shorebirds, a split 7" between Pretty Boy Thorson and the Falling Angels and Dan Padilla, a new 7" from Pinhead Gunpowder, and Eating Glass's Feed Them To The Vultures. Swagger City is a new label and they're ready for their first release, a split between Wolves and Thieves and Bastards of Young. The 12" will be available on gold (/200) and black (/300). You can pre-order the record here.

Fake Problems and Look Mexico have teamed up for the first release of Vinyl Collective's Under The Influence series. It was printed on both turquoise/white half and half as well as yellow vinyl. The yellow is still available here. For this release Fake Problems cover 'I'm a Ramblin' Man' by Waylon Jennings and Look Mexico provide their take on Looking Glass' 'Brandy, You're a Fine Girl.' The next edition of the series will feature Ninja Gun and Whiskey and Co.. Following that will be a Drag the River 7" with two tracks from them.

Ferret Records has a number of albums available for pre-order. You can now pre-order Iron Gag from A Life Once Lost, Heavy Heavy Low Low's Turtle Nipple and the Toxic Shock and Intervals by See You Next Tuesday. All three are limited to 1,000 copies and come in two colors, all of which are available here.

The Revival Tour is well on its way across the States and three of the artists on board (Tim Barry, Chuck Ragan, Ben Nichols) have teamed up to offer the Revival Road LP. It features eight exclusive tracks and the white vinyl with black paper silkscreened jackets can be purchased here.

Tim Barryy also has his own new album in the pipeline. Manchester, the followup to Rivanna Junction will be pressed on black (300) and brown (/700) vinyl. You can order the brown or a package featuring both colors as well as a CD, pint glass, t-shirt, poster, coozie and button here.

Columbus, Ohio's Two Cow Garage will soon be releasing their fourth album, Speaking in Cursive. It is being pressed on gold (/300) and black (/700) vinyl as well as a set similar to the Tim Barry one mentioned above. To pick it up, head over this way.

Ghost Mice and Brook Pridemore have a split 7" out between Crafty and Plan-It-X Records. Of the 500 pressed, 50 are available exclusively at Vinyl Collective and can be purchased here.

Asbestos Records has teamed up with Vinyl Collective to offer two releases from their catalogue. More releases will follow, but for now you can order Mustard Plug's Big Daddy Multitude on black (/100) and yellow (/500) vinyl. It also comes with a bonus 7". The second release is Sonic Boom Six's Ruff Guide to Genre Terrorism on red (/200), yellow (/300) and black (/400) vinyl. Check it out here.

500 Miles to Memphis' wonderful album Sunshine in a Shot Glass is being released by Good Friends Records. You can order it from the Good Friends website.

Stop Whining, Start Winning Records and Secret Jams recently pressed How We Are's To Teach a Hundred on white (/100) and black (/200) vinyl. The LP contains a track not on the CD as well as a 16 page book. Check out each of the label's websites (a href="">here and here) for more info.

Epitaph Records is repressing NOFX's classic Liberal Animation on both clear blue and yellow vinyl. There are 750 of each color being pressed and more releases from the label's history should be coming in soon.

Some dude from Ireland named Van Morrison released an album called Astral Weeks a few weeks back. Time Magazine said it was one of the 100 best albums of all-time. It has been re-pressed on 180 gram vinyl and can be purchased here.

Doghouse Records has some vinyl-related things going on that are worth mentioning. First off is a re-press of Say Anything's …Is a Real Boy [reissue] on 1,000 white vinyl. They've also got 1000 mint green copies of All-American Rejects Self-titled album ready to go. You can order both album here.

In an effort to make more of their releases available on vinyl, Dischord Records has pressed Dag Nasty's 1986 album Can I Say.

Suicide Squeeze will be continuing their tradition of releasing a David Bazan Christmas 7". The fifth of the series will be available on November 4th with the songs 'Jingle Bells' and 'All I Want For Christmas.' The release will be limited to 1,000 copies with 200 on white, 400 on red, and 400 on green. You can pre-order them now here.

Melvins have released a beautiful looking 4xLP set for A Senile Animal. The release features four single-sided LPs, each with an etched b-side. Color combos include clear dark blue, peach/olive/yellow/blue and Blue Yellow/Blue Yellow Haze. You can order up to one of each from Blue Collar Distro.

Doomriders and Disfear are pairing up for a split 7" EP. Disfear will distribute it on their own label in Europe, while Deathwish will handle things everywhere else. Both bands will have tour-edition copies with them on tour, but Deathwish should be starting a pre-order soon.

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