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The New Rising Sons, the band formed by Garret Klahn after the dissolution of Texas Is The Reason, have announced plans to formally reunite:

It's been eight years since we have even attempted to play a lick of music together. So many of the bad music business cliches happened to us back then (some of which we certainly caused), forcing us to go our separate ways. When we were all finally able to get back in the same room (only recently) without all the past hang-ups things kind of naturally fell into place again.

We realized what brought us together in the first place and what continues to still tie us together. In the age of bands reuniting for a variety of reasons, we find we're just picking up where we left off. We never had enough popularity for this to be our big comeback. It's just a return to where we left the music eight years ago.

New Rising Sons released two EPs through GrapeOS, the label formed by Texas is the Reason bandmate Scott Winegard.