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Congratulations! You're the lucky reader of the 48th edition of the Vinyl File. This column aims to keep you informed of upcoming releases as well as spotlighting interesting releases, your favorite bands' own collections and labels with a history of vinyl releases worth talking about. As always, Vinyl File is brought to you by Ben Conoley.

Clay Street Records have some sweet records available for pre-order, including Kid Dynamite's Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems on black (/300) and translucent gold (/700). They're also offering a double LP of Dear and the Headlights' Small Steps, Heavy Hooves on black (/300) and gold (/700). You can order both records and be entered into a contest to win a test press here.

Anyone who bought a record from Suburban Home / Vinyl Collective over the weekend at the Fest was treated to a free copy of the label's Fest Sampler, Delicious Vinyl: Fest 08. Suburban Home offered it for free download but also threw 100 copies of it up for sale here. Once all 1,000 copies are gone, they're gone, so get one now if you want it.

One of Vinyl Collective's newest signings is Gainesville's The Takers. The band's first 7" for the label is now available. Curse of a Drunk comes with both the title-track and a b-side of the band covering Neil Young's "Powderfinger." 150 have been pressed on black vinyl with 350 more in silver. You can purchase the 7" here.

We've got even more Vinyl Collective news with the label's re-release of Dillinger Four's pre-Fat Wreck LPs, Midwestern Songs of the Americas and Versus God. The first of the two comes on "doublewhiskeycoke" vinyl (/300) and blood red vinyl (/700), while the later is available on silver (/300) or silver/black vinyl (/700). Head over here to grab 'em. In other Dillinger Four news, the band had a Fest-only 7". Edit In breaking news, I was mistaken about this, it was just the limited, colored version of the new album, not a 7".

No Idea Records has some new releases over on their end, including the self-titled 7" from Shorebirds, a split between Bridge and Tunnel and Young Livers and a split between Religious as Fuck and Mehkago N.T. You can get them all over at No Idea Records.

Fat Wreck Chords recently posted the latest in their Classic Color series. This time around they are offering up Good Riddance's 1995 album, For God and Country. The album is on navy blue and is limited to 653 copies. You can order it here.

Viva Hate Records has announced that they will be releasing the latest in Isis' live series. Live V will be pressed as a double LP with some limited versions and should be available by the new year. For more info, check out Viva Hate's website.

After spending years racking up huge bidding wars on eBay, Get Up Kids classic debut, Four Minute Mile is finally getting the repress treatment. It has been re-pressed on both blue and pink vinyl and can be ordered here and here

Newbury Comics isn't content just selling records. The chain has decided to co-release a Clash 7" as a promotion for the band's new live album recorded at Shea Stadium. The 7" contains the songs "London Calling" and "Career Opportunities". The release is limited to 1,500 copies and can be found in stores or online at Newbury's website.

Copper Lung Records has started taking pre-orders for Soul Control's Flux 7", which is the second of four singles featuring one song on one side of the record. They also have a second pressing of Grave Maker's demo 7", which has been pressed on 500 green copies. Both records are available here.

The Pale and Copeland have teamed up to release a split 12" picture disc through SideCho Records. The Pale contributes "Gravity Gets Things Done" and "Stop/Start" while Copeland offers alternative versions of "When Paula Sparks" and "Testing the Strong Ones". The release is limited to 1,000 copies and can be purchased here.

There's a new vinyl podcast, which goes by the name of Vinyl Vlog. They've put together two episodes so far, which include interviews with Chuck Ragan, No Idea Records and Kiss of Death Records. Check them out here.

Eyeball Records is now taking orders for the upcoming album from United Nations The 11-track LP is limited to 1,000 copies on "fiery red" vinyl. You can purchase it from the label's webstore.

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