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Say Anything have announced plans for their forthcoming self-titled album. Frontman and main songwriter Max Bemis explained:

Say anything will be putting out a new album next year. We'll be recording it in Los Angeles this winter and the record will be called "Say Anything."

This album is self titled for a reason; it will take all the musical and lyrical themes of every Say Anything song, and attempt to resolve them and infuse them with something pure and direct. I am not going to "Brandon Flowers it" and say this is going to be the record that saves rock n' roll, or makes finally admit we had it all along. Those things are not only pre-packaged indie rock nay nay but are also pointless and fleeting.

Before the new record, Bemis will be releasing his collaboration with Chris Conley of Saves The Day. The record is titled Two Tongues and is due out February 13, 2009.